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Submitting Results


Submitting Results


Race Directors, their representatives, athletes, or their representatives can submit results. We need the same information, no matter who submits results.


Results are submitted in three parts:



Each part is submitted in its own text file. The format of these files is explained below, along with sample files for your use. Yes, you have to follow our format. We are not charging anything to put on the postal, so we are asking everyone that submits results to please follow the format so that we have less work to do..


Submit the results to: racewalk@usatfmn.org


Documentation of the Race (sample_race_doc.txt)

The purpose of this file is to document the event where the performance results come from. We will use this information to determine if the event qualifies as a race walk by following the USATF or IAAF rules for a race walk.


Performance Results (sample_performance_data.txt)

The purpose of this file is to provide the results for an individual athlete, with enough information describing the athlete to allow results by gender, age-group, country, region, etc.


Lap Counting Sheets

I use the lap counting information to verify each result. Since there are lots of ways to count laps (for example, the select time feature of a time machine or paper sheets), and I just need to look at the data, I don't need you to put them into a special format. If you can, send me an electronic copy of your original (for example, for paper lap counting sheets, just scan in each sheet). If you cannot send an electronic copy, please mail me a paper copy: 638 Summit Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105.