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Walk On! Minnesota is pleased to offer the 2010 edition of the One-Hour Postal Race Walk and to announce the final results for the 2009 edition.


Ordering Awards & T-Shirts for 2009 Results

I am a little behind in working with the designer for the t-shirts and in getting the website setup to take orders, and in getting the certificates on the website. My goal is to have all of that working by March 15. My apologies to those that were counting on the date that was announced on this website earlier. Hopefully you will like the logo chosen for the 2009 postal:



What is a Postal anyway?


A postal is a way of combining the results of races that occur at different times and different places. The race organizer, or a race participant, mails the results to a common place, the results are validated, and then merged with all of the other results. Because the Post Office was used to mail in the resuls on paper in the early versions of this event, it became known as a postal. Today, we use e-mail or the web to report most of the results, but we still keep the name.


Why is a Postal interesting?


There just aren't many race walkers around. You are lucky if you have more than one or two people in your age/gender group in any local race. A postal event allows you to compete against others, even if you never toe the starting line in a race with them. You get a chance to see how you are doing in a much larger group of race walkers.


If you are discouraged because you think you are slow, or because you don't have enough time to practice, you'll find that others in your age group have the same problem. If you are working really hard, you can see how well you are doing against the best .


As the year progresses, you can look at the current version of the results and see how you are doing. At year end, after the final set of race results are merged, you can see the final results.


What are the Postal events this year?


In race walking, the primary postal event is the one-hour race. Simply put, how far can you race walk in one hour? It is an unusual event, as most track, long distance running and race walking events cover a fixed distance and the challenge is to see how fast you can do it. In the one-hour, the time you have to cover distance is fixed at 60 minutes, and the amount of distance that you can cover in that time is the challenge.


We also offer a half-hour postal. This event is primarily targeted at young walkers and new walkers, where an hour of exertion is inappropriate for their skill level or their level of physical training.


Who can enter?


Anyone can enter. We accept results from any state and from any country. All you have to do is to follow the rules for submitting results. While we accept results from athletes, we prefer results from race directors or from their designated representative. The event itself must be documented, as well as the result for an athlete, and getting one collection of information for all of the athletes in a race makes our job a lot easier.


How are the results displayed?


As results are submitted, we add them to the partial results. When the date passes to submit additional results, the partial results are finalized. You can view the partial results during the year, or the final results when they are created, in a variety of ways:


When are the final results posted?


The final results for each year become a permanent part of this web site. You will always be able to see your result.


The final results for 2009 were posted on February 15, 2010.


Our goal is to post the final results for 2010 by January 15, 2011.


What are the awards?


We will have an award certificate available on this web site for all participants. It will show your event, the total distance achieved, and your ranking (overall, gender, age/gender group) within your country and within all entries. You will be able to download and print this award certificate.


A commemorative t-shirt may be purchased from this website starting in late March. Shirts will be available in children's, women's, and men's cuts, with US sizing. Anyone may purchase these t-shirts.


If you placed in the Top-3 of one of the standard ways of displaying the final results, you may purchase a medal from this website.


How much does it cost?


There is no charge to enter the one-hour postal or the half-hour postal..