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The weather prediction is looking on the rainy side. One walker asked:

"I was just wondering if you have ever cancelled or rescheduled due to weather."

No, so far we have never cancelled or delayed the event for weather conditions. Due to the various permits for the event and other logistics we would not postpone to another day.

Here's our plan for weather events from the web site:

The weather in Minnesota is quite variable in May. It could be 30 degrees and windy, or 70 degrees and sunny. One year we had 3" of rain at the finish line during the race. Another year was 60 degrees with a wonderful tailwind. Be sure to check the predicted weather for St Joseph, MN 56374 before you decide what to wear on race day.


The event is never postponed because of weather to another day. The start can be delayed if a line of severe storms comes thru. Each participant should make themselves aware of the predicted weather for the day and make appropriate decisions about what to do. You will be walking thru rural Minnesota, with sturdy shelter often a significant distance away.


You can switch from a longer distance to a shorter distance on race day if you are concerned about the weather (or for any other reason). We do not offer refunds for changing to a shorter distance.


If the weather is sufficiently bad in the morning, we may cancel one or more of the distances. We do not offer refunds in the event that we must cancel your distance because of weather.


We are very open about the decision making process regarding weather. If you see something of concern, please bring it to our attention. A lot of weather information is available to every smart phone user these days. We encourage you to take advantage of this information prior to the start, and during the event."