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Centurion USA at FANS


FANS 24 Hour

What is a Centurion?


Walking 100 miles in 24 hours at a recognized Centurion USA event makes you a member of the select company of US Centurions.


Centurion USA at FANS


Through the cooperation of the organizers of the FANS 12 & 24 Hour Runs and Twin Cities Race Walkers, and the support of the keepers of US Centurion records at ultrawalk.com, we are proud to provide an opportunity for those that wish to attempt to become a US Centurion by walking 100 miles at FANS.


The organizers of FANS provides the event management, including a 24 hour walking division. Twin Cities Race Walkers provides the walking judges. Ultrawalk.com recognizes the event as a Centurion USA event. Walk On! Minnesota provides the event website and the awards.




Register with FANS 12 & 24 Hour Runs in the 24 hour walking division. Then send an e-mail to info@walkonmn.org indicating that you will be attempting to achieve US Centurion status and providing your ordinary mailing address.




The awards recognizing US Centurion status are mailed after the event. US Centurion awards are not distributed as part of the FANS awards ceremony.