1 Hour Postal

Centurion USA at FANS

Walk On! Minnesota promotes walking -- all types of walking: fitness walking, nordic walking, power walking, race walking, and even ordinary walking! Walking is one of the simplest, least expensive, and least risky forms of exercise. Take yourself out for a walk!


Walk On! Minnesota holds a marathon and half marathon in May for walkers only. The marathon have a time limit of 9 hours, allowing walker with a 20 minute per mile pace to finish with time to spare. The half marathon has 7 1/2 hour time limit. More Information. Take yourself (and a few hundred of your closest friends) out for a walk!


Walk On! Minnesota organizes the international 1 hour postal race walk, allowing race walkers to compete against others across the globe. More Information. How far can you walk in an hour?


Walk On! Minnesota assists in providing an event so that walkers may attempt to join the select company of US Centurions (walking 100 miles in 24 hours). More Information. Have you ever thought of trying to walk for 24 hours?


Walk On! Minnesota organizes race walking events for Twin Cities Race Walkers and for the Minnesota Association of USA Track & Field. See this calendar for a list of race walking events in Minnesota.


Walk On! Minnesota supports the Olympic dreams of young Race Walkers through contributions to the Al Heppner Memorial Fund.


Contact info@walkonmn.org for more information about Walk On! Minnesota.